The Difference is in the Oven

In Italy eating pizza is a special dining experience and if you are from Italy, as I am, you will never forget the taste of a real Italian pizza shared with family and friends.

Through the years in America, I have experimented with the finest meats, the freshest vegetables, a variety of spices and the best cheeses to duplicate my Italian pizza only to be disappointed time after time.

What was the Secret?

On my last trip back home, I decided to ask the pizzaiolo (pizzamaker) of my favorite pizzeria a few questions. I didn’t expect much since Italians are very protective of their secrets; however, when he heard that I lived in America he was the one asking the questions, utterly fascinated about this country. Well, we became instant friends and, at the end, the secret was revealed and it was so simple… America has no wood burning oven to bake pizzas.

So I imported one.

Today I would like to share the pizza of my country and the friendly atmosphere of an Italian pizzeria with you. I still use the freshest vegetables, the finest meats, the unique herbs, and the best of cheeses and of course the difference is…IN THE OVEN…

Buon Appetito

LUNCH 11-2 Mon-Fri
Dinner 5-9(Sun-Thurs) 5-10(Fri-Sat)

4 thoughts on “The Difference is in the Oven

  1. My family and I love this place! It is our outmost favourite pizza place ever!!! Thin crust, best cheese, amazing pizza sauce! 5+ years Luisa’s is our “go to” pizza place! Always friendly, always tasty.


  2. I would like the owner to give me a call. Can you give me your phone number so that I may speak to you privately rather than posting my review on this page. Thank you, Gail


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